Volunteer for the Hub

What it means to Volunteer

Volunteering at the Hub is so rewarding, this is how some of our volunteers feel about it;

"I am so moved and outraged about the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, that I am driven to help our Ukrainian guests in any way I can... this could happen to us and hopefully someone would reach out and help us in return" 

- Louise

“I decided to volunteer at the hub as we were not in a position to host a family. Watching the guests grow from subdued individuals into a more settled bunch who have developed amazing English is brilliant. The hub has gone from strength to strength and it is a pleasure to be part of it” 

- Kellie

"I think that volunteering with the children is very rewarding as I feel I am giving the children someone to speak to and someone who will help them out with things they need. i think the fact I am also pretty much a child also makes them feel more free to speak as we can relate to each other I guess"  

- Dan Simmons

"We volunteered because our daughter is hosting a Maria, Natalia and Ivan and we wanted to help. Running the front desk, we meet everyone as they arrive and we love to meet and welcome new arrivals, guests hosts and volunteers. So many lovely people and it is a real joy to see the smiles. We are aware that everyone has a story so whatever we can do to make life bearable and even enjoyable has to be worthwhile. David and Anne"   

- David and Anne 

"It has been amazing watching the Hub grow and a strong community develop. I can not believe what we have achieved in such a short period of time! 

None of this would have been possible without our dedicated volunteers  and passionate Committee"    

- Leanne

The role of a Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers to support in the hub, if you would like to give back and support the Ukrainian people during this difficult time please contact us. Many of our volunteers were unable to host but would like to support in a different way, volunteering comes in lots of different forms and it can be as little time or as much as you are able to give. Our volunteers are the back bone of our hub and it would simply not be possible to run without them. There is a role for everyone and we need as much support as we are offered! 

You don't have to commit to lots of Sundays or Wednesdays!

We operate a rota system for all of our sessions so if you can only offer one Sunday in every 6 for example all we ask is for a commitment to the dates you offer. 

We have lots of different areas that we need your support 

We welcome support and skills in many areas, including marketing, fund raising, organising clothing, refreshments, cleaning arranging trips, offering lifts, communication, translation!! Whatever you can offer there will be a place for you in our community.  

We welcome our Ukrainian Guests to help with their community hub

Many of our Ukrainian  guests now volunteer and support the hub as their community. We welcome this as they start to make the hub sustainable as their own. 

Sunday Hub Roles

If you are able to support on a Sunday we need people to help set up and close down, serve and organise refreshments, our clothing and toiletries section, information and queries, the front desk for registrations and a warm welcome etc! If you are able to come there will always be a job for you!

Our opening and closing team are always looking for support and this can be one hour on a Sunday, come help set up and spend the rest of the day with your family. 

Our children’s play team are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers that have experience as a parent, teacher, football enthusiast or sports coach or experienced with children’s play in any capacity to be part of our children’s play section. On a Sunday, our children are not supervised by you it is encouraging play, friendships and being on hand. If you are a big kid at heart and want to join in this area, please contact us and Catherine will be pleased to explain more about what is involved.

Our Refreshments team are a busy bunch, we love cake and a sandwich and during the winter we will be offering soup as well. The team need help collecting provisions, serving, setting up, making refreshments on the day as well as pre preparing. Providing snacks and drinks is a key part of of our family community.    

Other Volunteer Support Needed

English Skills Support

Are you a teacher or experienced practitioner and you would like to support in our children’s or adult sessions on a Wednesday?  Maybe you have done TEFL in the past and would like to provide support in this area. Please contact us or pop in on a Wednesday for a chat and meet the current team.


Many of guests struggle to get to the hub and need lifts, could you pick up and drop off our guests? If you can please contact us, the commitment could be to one specific family or guest or it could be the odd time or regular Wednesday. It really is determined by the time you are able to offer. 


We are always looking for new innovative ways to fundraise and pairs of hands to attend events and assist with this area of making our hub work. We welcome new ideas and people to organise and co-ordinate this area for us.

Events and Trips

Helping to organise, attending and arranging our trips, we often need coordination support but also contacting companies & organisations to support the trips.

Most importantly we also want volunteers to befriend and chat to our guests, understand what they need support with as many will not ask.

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