Events and Trips

Why we offer trips and events

Part of our commitment as a hub is to develop a sense of community spirit and support integration of our guests. We believe events and trips are an essential element of this focus and we know that creating memories in this way and spending time together as a community helps our guests form friendships and bonds as families and individuals.

Our events are announced on our facebook page where if you join our private group you will get regular updates on what the next trip or event that is being planned!

We fund or subsidise as many trips as we can and provide transport. To attend our trips you must be a registered member of The Hub.

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Winter 2023

Wreath Making & Fire pit

Christmas Party

Autumn 2023

Summer 2023

Spring 2023

Sunflower Community Cafe opening

Winter 2022

Anniversary of Russian invasion of Ukraine

Valentines Day

Renovations of 'The Daten'

Orthodox Christmas Celebrations

UK Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Food Hampers

Autumn, Summer and Spring 2022

Alton Towers

Halloween Party 

Winter 2022/2023