Weekly Meetings

When we Meet

Our Community meets every Sunday between 11-2pm for our social and support hub sessions. There is always lots of events happening and lot of chances to meet other Ukrainian guests.

We also meet every Wednesday for English language skills for children between the ages of 4-16 years old and adults of all abilities.

Refreshments are provided as are textbooks.

Wednesday - English Language Sessions (5-7pm)

We meet every Wednesday for English language skill sessions for children between the ages of 5-11 years old and adults of all abilities.

Refreshments are provided as are textbooks.

The children’s sessions are designed as a mixture of play and conversational English for children who are of school age - Learning Through Play for ages 5-11 (KS1 and KS2)

This group is designed to give our younger members a chance to practise their spoken English.

We aim to provide fun activities and play, to develop confidence and improve fluency. We include basic phonics with some reading and writing skills as appropriate. We use both our inside and outside spaces for games, art and craft, sports, science experiments, tabletop games and a variety of other activities. We would love to have your children join in the fun.

Adult English language development sessions are from age 11 and adults of all ages

We offer small group sessions to help you develop your English language skills. These are teacher-led and split into different abilities enabling successful language progression.

Adult Sessions

On Wednesday evening we offer graded English lessons for adults and children from age 11. These take place in small friendly accessible groups which promote both fluency and confidence in the spoken word. We offer support for basic, intermediate and advanced skills. We provide text books and learning materials.

Our qualified teachers are welcoming and we also have translators.

Children Sessions

Children aged 4-11 have their own play based English language sessions in a separate room. This is a mixture of teacher led language development with a variety of activities to give confidence in using spoken English.

Once a month we have an outside learning session which is great fun, the children love building dens and making fires.

Sunday Family Social and Support Hub (11-2pm)

Our Sunday Socials are an opportunity to meet other guests and hosts, we often find the first time a guest comes it can be quite emotional as they are welcomed into a very caring and warm community where they can speak their own language and talk to others that understand how it feels to arrive in the UK.

Our regular social sessions on a Sunday include;

  • Children’s play area and activities which include arts and crafts, football, sports, table tennis, gaming and many other activities

  • Teenage area; we find our teenager and older guests sit together and have formed a lovely group

  • Information Area; there is always a volunteer who is available to talk through specific support or needs

  • Refreshments, we love cake! It is always good to talk over a coffee/tea and a piece of cake

  • Toiletries – we have a complimentary toiletries area where guests can access anything they need

  • Clothing Area – we carry some clothing and where we haven’t got what guests need or their size we will source it for them, this includes shoes

  • School Uniform – we hold some school uniform and what we don’t have we will source for you this includes a voucher for school shoes funded by the hub

  • Toy Library - a chance for children to play with new toys and swop them each week

We have lots of other activities on a Sunday most months and in the summer this has included an ice cream van, bouncy castle, children’s entertainers, football competitions, pamper session, bikeability, cake decorating and slime making for the children! There is always something new being arranged!

  • We also often have external organisations attend the hub to offer support with Warrington Borough Council attending monthly as well as the Job Centre team and where required we can arrange specific meetings for support required.

  • Once a month we have a dance session for the children and we love a birthday party!