Membership of our community hub for hosts and guests

What the hub means to guests

“The hub has helped me beyond words, from the moment I came with everything I needed support with from the paperwork, to advice, to hugs and making so many friends. It is a family and we could not be more grateful.”

- Inna

“When I arrived I had no English words, now I can have a conversation, we have been welcomed and looked after, from shoes and coats to cakes and trips. We are grateful to the people that help us, we are sad but the hub makes for a happy moment in our lives.”

- Maria

Membership is free

We ask guests and hosts to register as members as this enables us to communicate effectively and also invite guests and hosts to our various events, subsidised voucher schemes, free clothing and resources. Good communication enables us to understand our community dynamic and provide the best support to our members. Membership of the hub means access to all we offer most of which is heavily if not fully subsidised by the hub fundraising efforts.

Members will need to complete a simple registration form to guarantee we can be in touch as well as notify them of group meeting times, voucher schemes, activities and events.

You can find the registration form at the bottom of this page or come and register at the hub and meet the community when you register. To be entitled to the benefits of the hub you must attend at least once a month.

The community is very active and there is always something happening.

Membership is free and you will receive a welcome pack and letter which will include gifts for the children and information about how the hub runs and how you can access the various support that we offer.

Membership is key as we are a community group and commitment to the group, its opportunities and offers of support is key to our purpose and values. Developing a community is one of our main aims.

What we offer you as a guest member

We offer practical and emotional support for hosts and guests, friendship, fun, enrichment and community integration. Some of the ways we do this are listed below;

  • SIM cards and practical support with clothing, shoes, toiletries, stationary, school uniforms and new school shoes

  • Option to attend our trips and events for a heavily subsidised price or complimentary depending on the occasion

  • All subsided and free activities at the Sunday hub including manicures, beauty treatments, pampering, children’s play sessions, refreshments and drinks etc

  • Sunday toy library

  • Text books and materials to learn at the Wednesday English sessions for adults and children, our first group of basic level English guests moved up to intermediate in 3 months so these sessions are invaluable

  • Celebration of Children’s Birthdays at the hub with cake and a small present

  • Access to specific individual support such as providing bikes, assistance with finding a job, completing on line forms and much more!

How we have supported members

  • Finding therapy, or trauma counselling

  • Advising hosts and helping with navigating a guest arriving, we have also completed over 40 visa applications and assisted with queries

  • Dedicated telegram and whatsapp groups with our committee available to answer questions and queries 24/7

  • Transport support

  • Helping settle in and complete all necessary forms and paperwork; finding schools, free school meals, universal credit etc

  • Translator for medical reasons, hosting breakdowns and general support

  • Celebrating a child’s birthday; we can support with helping fund a party, present and cake

  • Activities for the children and adults; dance lessons, football, martial arts; yoga, sport any hobbies you want to continue please talk to us

  • Providing a free Bike to assist with getting around - we have provided over 35 bikes to our community

  • Information on transport links, buses, free bus passes

  • School shoes and uniforms - we have funded over 40 pairs of school shoes

  • Work clothes, writing CVs and helping with job interviews - many new jobs have been found

  • Locating laptops and technology/software, we have provided over 15 laptops to those that need it

  • Toy library and access to toys

  • Educational software

  • Provided clothing, coats and many other resources for guests

  • We have celebrated Ukraine Independence Day and been on many memorable trips together as a community

  • Assisted guests to move on and find housing and sourced

Our membership guidelines

To ensure the best possible experience for all members, we have established some basic guidelines for participation in our hub.

  • Members should treat other Members, volunteers and hosts with kindness and humility.

  • Members are expected to commit to attending hub meetings at least once every month or have contact with the hub of there if a personal reason that effects their ability to attend - where transport effects their ability to attend we will wherever we can ensure they can access the meetings through our volunteer network, a lack of transport should not be a barrier to attend.

  • Members should try to play an active role in the hub, and we welcome them to contribute to developing our community, this could include helping set up and clear down, assisting with events and offering their skills to support others where possible (for example translation or crafting). We have many talents in our community, and this is an opportunity to share them and celebrate and enrich our hub community.

  • We actively encourage guests to volunteer and help shape the hub, we have guests as members of the committee, and we want guests to choose the future agenda and focus of the hub.

What is means to be part of the hub for our guests

We hope that being part of the hub provides some security and a safe space during a difficult transition and time away from Ukraine. We know from feedback that the hub provides somewhere that our members know they have to ask questions, be themselves, relax and get whatever support they require. The hub is an in-person support system that focuses on integrating our members into the local community whilst they develop their own hub community, providing them a safe place to come together.

We hope hosts will support guests to gain access to the hub and come to experience the difference it can make to guests, sometimes initially guests can believe it is just about the initial paperwork and support systems when they arrive, the hub is much more than this and we hope the hub continues to develop as our members journeys develop.

How we communicate

When you register and become a member, we will add you to the Whatsapp groups available for hosts, volunteers, and guests. If you haven’t been added to these groups, please let us know and we will add you.

We will announce trips and events on the members section of this website and when you join the hub you will be given a membership number and code to access this area.

We will also use our Facebook page to communicate events or information - The link to this group will be sent to you on completion of registration

You can also contact our secretary by email on or our treasurer on

Please fill in the relevant form below to register as a member